Tai Chi In The Park


Clark County Parks and Recreation Classes are just under $5/class and run in 6 week sessions.

Private Classes:  $25/hr.

About Us:

Tamalyn Taylor-  

     Tamalyn has been a practitioner of Taijiquan and Qigong for the past 12 years.  Prior to the practice of Taiji she taught yoga classes to seniors.  Her formal education includes a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with a specialty in Gerontology.  She has a strong interest in body-oriented therapies and has a private practice in Massage Therapy.  In addition, she has worked in the medical field as a bereavement counselor in a Hospice setting.  For many years she has sought out a therapeutic system that could heal and transform on all levels of being; body/mind/spirit.  She found that Taijiquan has all the qualities that she was looking for in a healing system.  Currently, she teaches Taiji and Qigong with Clark County Parks and Recreation, the YMCA, and at several assisted living facilities.

Susan A. Matthews-

Visiting Taiji Teacher and Brain Workshop    facilitator. Founder of Shanti School of Taijiquan, Spiral Anatomy,    and Brain Workshop.    Her work particularly benefits those with movement disorders, and those that need healing from chronic pain. She has been practicing and teaching Taijiquan and Qigong for 30 years. Her training includes over 20 years in the biomedical sciences, earning degrees in Neuroscience, Anatomy and Neuroendocrinology as well as Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine healing technologies. Susan also has a passion for ballroom dancing and has collaborated with other dancers in workshops for healing. Her students benefit greatly from a rare integration of Oriental energetics and Western scientific theory and research.

Events:   Tai Chi in the Park

                     Gardens Park (Town Center Dr & D.I.)
                     10401 Garden Park Dr
                     Las Vegas, NV 89135

Date:   May 30, 2015
Time:   8:30~10:00 AM

We will have an informal Qigong and Tai Chi practice.  Ongoing students and visitors welcome.  We will meet on East end of the park near the horseshoe pit area.